Introducing Endeavors, A New Way to Acquire Crown Crates - ESO Guide

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With these seals you can purchase from the Seals of Endeavor section of the ESO Crown store.

Crown Crates, available for purchase in the ESO Crown Store, introduce a unique and enticing element to the game. These crates hold a diverse array of items that enhance the player's in-game experience. Upon opening a crate, you unlock a range of items, including pets, mounts (some of which are exclusive and distinctive), and various consumables. These items not only contribute to your character's customization but also offer practical benefits during gameplay.

Elder Scrolls Online's Endeavors System Lets You Earn ESO Crown for sale

ESO will hand out Seals of Endeavor for completing daily and weekly tasks.

These tasks will also earn you money and other items, but there’s no word yet how many Seals of Endeavors you’ll get from completing each task.

Likewise, Lambert didn’t say how many Seals of Endeavor one Crown Crate will cost.

Crown Crates only contain cosmetic items not vital for playing the game, and it’s a move many ESO fans still saw coming as soon as rumors started swirling about Microsoft acquiring Bethesda.

Microsoft’s loot crate policies state all players must be able to earn all loot box items through normal gameplay.

The lingering question is how much gameplay it’ll require for a single Crown Crate, though hopefully, we’ll know more soon.

Tasks in the Endeavors System

Once you login you can complete different tasks for the Endeavors system. There are plenty of different tasks that can be completed:

Steal or pickpocket items

Complete quests

Defeat enemies using Class or Weapon abilities

Sell items to vendors

Craft different types of items

Defeat different types of monsters

Harvest resource nodes

And more....

The dailies and weekly activities in the Endeavors system are things you are already doing regularly in ESO.

This list is an example of how this looks like in particular:

Kill 10 foes with class abilities (multiple enemies at once count as 1 foe)

Craft 4 items with Enchanting skill

Loot 2 Treasure Chests

Defeat 1 Patrolling Horror in the Imperial City District

Complete 1 Battleground Match

The weekly Endeavors can look like this:

Kill 30 world bosses

Complete 7 dungeons

Complete 7 public dungeon group events

Seals of Endeavors

Rewards for seals of endavors

A second currency will be added on top of the gems. Seals of Endeavors.

This new currency will allow you to buy any of the currently available Crown Crate items. You know those loot boxes they sell for Crowns. It’s a very welcome addition if you don’t feel like paying for Crowns. Or if you, by principle, don’t want to support gambling practices in gaming.

We have no idea how much any of the items will cost when it comes to their Seals of Endeavors amount. How much the dailies and weeklies will pay out and how long you will have to grind for one of the apex mounts. Nonetheless it’s a welcome addition, if the tasks really are easy enough.

A more in depth look at the system, rewards and tasks will be covered in the ESO Blackwood Review.

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